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The property is located in the southernmost small town in the district of Nordsachsen (Free State of Saxony). 5,855 inhabitants live on approx. 54 km² (as of December 31, 2020). Mügeln has excellent connections to Dresden and Leipzig via the nearby A14 autobahn, meaning that both cities can be reached in around an hour. The picturesque location of Mügeln in the middle of the Döllnitz valley and close to the Wermsdorf forest promises a high quality of life.

In the immediate vicinity (walking distance) of the property there are shops for daily needs (drugstore, bakery, supermarket, etc.) and a kindergarten. There is a bus stop 220 m away, which provides optimal connections to the neighboring parts of the city through several lines.

The property was built in 1986 as a residential complex. The rentable area is around 1,642 m² spread over 32 units. All units are rented.


Großdrebnitz, part of the municipality of Bischofswerda, first mentioned in a document in 1262, is a typical Waldhufendorf, almost 5 km long and consists of the formerly independent districts of Kleindrebnitz and Großdrebnitz. Since 1936, these have formed a common place, which also includes the idyllically situated district of Neudrebnitz, which has only a few houses. Großdrebnitz is located 5 km southwest of Bischofswerda, in the West Lusatian hills. The large district town of Bischofswerda is about 30 km from Dresden and about 20 km from Bautzen. Bischofswerda is not only on the edge of Upper Lusatia, Saxon Switzerland can also be reached quickly.

The city has a direct connection to federal highway 6 and federal highway 98 and it is 5 minutes to the A4 autobahn. All points of contact for daily needs, e.g. E.g. Schools, doctors, pharmacies, supermarkets etc. as well as public transport are available here.

The properties are near the Weickersdorf (Saxony) train stop. A good, at least hourly connection to the train route Dresden - Bischofswerda is given. The journey time to Dresden is about 30 minutes. There are numerous transfer options in different directions at the nearby train station in Bischofswerda.

The properties have a total of 24 residential units with a rentable area of 1,375 m². All units are rented.

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